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CeSFaMBTH - Comprehensive Simulator of

                      Fluidized and Moving Bed



SoftInWay Inc

AxStream/ AxCycle Defense and Aerospace Applications


Nanospheres and Nanoflakes of several high quality materials





Hydrogen Generators in Partnership with


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                                                                                                GamaTECH Thermal Solutions


We are a company specialize in finding innovation solutions to promote the thermal control for Defense, Aerospace, Electronics and Industrial Systems.


Our focus relies on the research and development applied to the product, in order to meet the market needs with simple solutions, yet innovative.


We work with consultancy services of Thermal Engineering for existing and new systems being under design.


We use our in-house developed tools that allow us to operate at reduced costs for the clients (no need to pay for licenses for example), without compromising the results' quality.


Our know how also includes design, simulation, manufacturing, testing and integration of passive thermal control systems that operate with Heat Pipes e Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs) technologies.